Lovely news here: I've got a little bun in the oven! 

I'm really excited and just a little bit nervous (which is actually just a different interpretation of the same emotion if you think about it) about all the changes I'm going to face. 

I'll be taking maternity leave from all my freelance and teaching work, hoping I'll still have some time for creativity, maybe my blog will finally get my attention? Maybe I'll be able to draw for fun and work on my portfolio? Maybe I'll become a 'mummy blogger' har har...... 

Things that have been getting me through my pregnancy include- 
-Working on self-development and practicing gratitude (more on that later?)
-Yoga and swimming
-Ben & Jerry's

My urge to nest (i.e redecorate the whole house) is getting stronger and stronger...also quite obsessed with keeping records of everything (journals, photos, scrapbooks, yes- scrapbooks!). 

I'm due in April 2016, we know she's a little girl and we can't wait to meet her! 

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